Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Donate to Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Victims

Ways to give:
At this time clothing and food are not being accepted as donations because it is very impractical to send these thousands of miles across the world. Your monetary donation will go much farther. There are ways you can give without reaching into your own pocket as well. There are even ways that require no money at all.
·      Money
o   Texting- all will appear on your next phone bill
§  American Red Cross
·      US donors text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10
§  The Salvation Army
·      US donors text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888
§  World Vision
·      US donors: text 4JAPAN to 20222 to donate $10
·      UK donors: text WORLD to 70007 to donate 3£
·      Canadian donors: text WORLD to 45678 to donate $5
o   Pay in other ways (credit card, check, stock, mutual funds)
§  Heart to Heart International
·      Only 2% is kept for overhead so 98 cents out of your dollar goes to those in need
·      Can do a one-time gift, annually, monthly, etc.
·      Can designate to Japan or Haiti or wherever it is needed most
·      Must put in your address & accepts credit cards
·      there are no credit card fees charged to the company so 100% of your donation reaches Heart to Heart
§  Samaritan’s Purse
·      Can give by credit card, electronic check, wire transfer, or securities such as stocks & mutual funds
·      US, Canada, Ireland, Germany, UK
·      Can designate to Japan or other project
·      Takes credit cards or Amazon Payments
o   Be weary of scammers, they prey on helpless people trying to donate to better peoples’ lives
§  Ask how much of your donation will go to the actual charity & not fund raising costs
§  Fraudulent charities try to fake legitimate names, be careful they are exactly who they say they are
§  Do not pay in cash
§  If in doubt don’t donate on the spot, go home & do your research
·      Ask your work if they’ll match your donation
o   Many companies are more than willing to match your donations, just ask!
o   Ask your coworkers if they would like to give or hang up signs in the break room, no act is too small to help!
·      Lots of online blogs/sites will match your donations
o   Bloggers matching donations: (some even giving if you say you are praying or if you comment on their page at all)
§ -she matches your donation & donates $1 per prayer up to $500
§ -for each comment she will donate $0.50 to Salvation army, up to $100
§ -she will donate $1 per each comment to Samaritan’s Purse, up to $300
§ -she will donate $0.50 per comment to Samaritan’s Purse, up to $250
§ -she will donate $1 per comment to Samaritan’s Purse, up to $500
§ -Shellie will donate $1 for each comment on 3/14/11 to Heart to Heart International, up to $250
§ -she will donate $0.50 per comment to Samaritan’s Purse, up to $250
§ -she will donate $0.50 for every post saying you made a donation, prayer, etc. to World Vision, up to $300
§!-.aspx -if you comment and say you are praying or donating she will donate $0.25 a post
§ -for every comment Bethany will donate $1 to Samaritan’s Purse, up to $100
§ -Orlando is matching all donations up to $500 & sending them to Red Cross, just post a comment on his blog
o   Companies matching donations
§ -Deal News is matching donations 100% up to $25,000! To the American Red Cross
§ -Pacific Software Publishing will match 100% of your donation, up to $10,000 to American Red Cross
·      Do a fundraiser at your school or work
o   Bake sale, do a run/walk athon & ask for donations per mile, bring coffee/donuts to work & put a donation cup next to them
·      Tweeting/posting a YouTube video
o   Any publicity you can give to this crisis helps, even one tweet can make a difference
·      Prayer          
o   For hope, for the safety of the survivors and rescue workers, that the lost & suffering are found & healed
·      Thanks for your help. Every single person in Japan would thank you if they could.

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  1. I like the way u worked on this it will really helpful to every one who want to donate, i will defiantly do what i can...